There are many uses of venues whether they be for a business meeting, a conference, a reception hall for a wedding, or some other occasion. To rent these venues out in most cases is very expensive, and since there is such a high expense people looking for venues put a lot of time and energy into picking the perfect one for their occasion. It is very common for venues to have a dedicated website just to advertise the space available for rent. On their websites they have photos of the venues, descriptions of the style of venue it is, and rarely a hand held video showing off the venue.

One of a potential renters main criteria when selecting a venue is how many people the venue can accommodate as well as how much spare room is there for dessert stands, dancing, food tables, photo booths, picture areas, business stands, presentations, group activities etc. As of now the popular approach venues are using to help people understand the space is by making floor plans available on their site which can be confusing and make it difficult to imagine the space of the venue. Venues can greatly benefit from the technology that 3D animation brings to the table and give potential renters the visualization experience they need when deciding upon a venue. Venues are very competitive and having a personalized high tech 3D animation can make a venue stand out from its competitors.