At Amptek, we produce professional residential & commercial 3D technology solution services to help businesses gain a competitive advantage with a unique and innovative marketing strategy using our custom 3D technology.


Very satisfied with the communication and quick turn around of our renderings. We received a lot of positive feedback in our marketing campaign using Amptek’s suggestions.
Understood our company objectives and got our business to the next level in a very competitive market.
The products created for us were absolutely stunning! We didn’t understand the growth opportunities that Amptek brought to us. So grateful!
Amptek went above and beyond and took time to show us where we needed improvement.

We value building a relationship with our clients and cultivating the relationship through commitment and efficient communication. With us:

  • You will gain a competitive advantage with a unique and innovative marketing strategy using our custom 3D technology.

  • You will be able to communicate your vision with greater clarity.

  • Our solutions will help you gain the trust of clients making decisions with speed and confidence by experiencing a true to scale virtual space.

  • We transform your architectural projects and dreams into reality using our custom 3D technology.

  • We help you import information so that it can be understood, explored, and experienced.

  • You will experience the best 3D animations and 3D renderings in the industry to showcase your project.






The innovative, distinctiveness, and extraordinary capabilities of 3D technology show your customers the imaginative and prescient vision in such a way that no other medium can match up.            


Amptek Real Estate

Architecture greatly benefits from the technology that 3D animation brings to the table and gives potential buyers the visualization experience they need. With this your competitors will not have a chance.


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With 3D technology we can showcase any object which can easily seal the deal when faced up against a plain 2D photo of another product. The possibilities for the individual product market are enormous.


We Are Changing the Way People View the World


Fast Delivery

Are you in need to visualize a future property for your investor presentations, reach foreign buys, or capture the reality of any built space?

Then welcome Amptek. At Amptek we bring your architect’s drawings to life and give your interior design or exterior design more value. We work towards reinventing the way organizations connect with their client.


Amptek is a full-service architecture visualization studio that offers immense marketing services to world-renowned architects and real estate developers.

We are an architectural fabricator specializing in large-scale 3D rendering. We bring unprecedented design freedom and resource stewardship to the construction industry.


Luxury Quality



Amptek is using the power of emerging technologies such as drones, 3D rendering, and virtual reality. We aim to excite buyers, guests and sellers across the globe with magical and memorable digital experiences for built and un-built spaces.

We donate 5% of all profits to the Christian non-profit Homes of Hope for Children.


At Amptek, we make it better because we help you gain the competitive advantage you need with a unique and innovative marketing strategy using our 3D technology.


Customer Satisfaction